Jack & Kristina Boykin

“I just want you to know that Jack and I have been very pleased with your weekly updates. You have delivered on each week on a Friday as promised." read more

"The project looks good and I can’t wait to see it.

Jerry & Jan Felts

"Travis Haston has done so much work for me over the past 11 years that I probably cannot remember it all! He built our screened porch, remodeled the master bath, remodeled the kitchen, remodeled our pool deck, and beginning next Monday he will be reconstructing our entrance. In the meantime I call him for various maintenance projects and he always treats me like his largest client. The work is outstanding, the service is impeccable. I can't say enough wonderful things about Andrew Roby."

Marianne Berry

You are doing an incredible job of keeping the site extraordinarily organized and on target. I truly and sincerely could not be in better hands! read more



Patty Daddonna

"We were extremely pleased with both Bobby and Mike and the manner in which they worked, asked for input, and the professionalism they brought to the job. read more

The second day of work I returned home shortly after they had gotten started. Bobby was quick to call me over to tell me he was not comfortable with the way the drain flow was originally laid out. He stated the more he thought about it, to do the job properly we would need to add another drain going off towards our shed.

You might remember that is the drain we decided not to dig as it might jeopardize our treasured 'Japanese Maple.' When I explained that to Bobby, he assured me he would personally hand dig the trench and dig under any roots he encountered. True to his word, he dug a proper drain with no harm to the tree roots! We have had several hard rains since the new drains have been installed and I am pleased to report to both of you that all is draining and flowing well! Thanks again for a job well done."


Sandra Montgomery

To all my wonderful friends at Andrew Roby, Thank you all so much for the wonderful work on my home! You are truly all "family" to me! read more

With friendship, Sandra Montgomery

Sherree McSherry

"We want to express our deepest thanks for the excellent job here at our home. Travis is a delight, it must run in your family. The other men that worked here were complete gentlemen and a pleasure to work with. I don't think I have ever had anyone as clean and meticulous with their work as I saw with these guys. I appreciate the professional manner in which they all handled themselves."

Stephen Petty

“It has been nice to work with you and your team on this project. (Chris was a pleasure to work with) The price seems to be coming in at a nice number. Thank you for all your help."

The Kimberlee Incorporated

"The Board of Directors wishes to thank you for all the work that was done by your employees during the recent installation of our sliding glass doors. Your employees were polite, clean and eager to please. We were impressed that they continually cleaned up their work space and did not leave any dirt or other messes on our balconies, halls or in the yard. The grass in our yard was protected by boards placed under the lift. Your employees displayed a real team effort. We were very impressed with Alex’s “can do” attitude and the lady who did the touch up painting. Thanks again for an excellent job and the impressive work ethic shown by your employees." read more

Sincerely yours,

Diane Schroeder

President, The Kimberlee

Board of Directors

Deidre Grubb

"We are truly enjoying the sunroom, cellar, guest powder room and pool house. I really enjoyed working with Roby. I liked everyone on the Roby team. They came at 7 a.m. and left at 4 p.m. everyday. Everyone was so polite and thoughtful. They were always helpful when I needed a heavy item lifted; a sink unclogged, a mouse caught. They really went above and beyond to help me. read more

The Roby team kept the site clean and safe. I was always worried about having the site clean...bugs, mice ,etc. And I worried about the site being safe...Davis gets into things pretty quickly.

Their workmanship speaks for itself. Their team was quite skilled and they brought in good subs. I really think you can see their workmanship in the beams, etc. They were quick to make changes to things that they thought didn't look good...even if I didn't notice. They played an important role in quality control. It was nice to feel like someone else was looking out for the quality of the project.

I think the biggest testament to their work is the fact that I didn't complain for a whole year about Roby! You know I can do some grumbling. I really think they did an incredible job. I enjoyed working with Roby and will definitely use them again."

Francis Baldwin

“Our experience with Andrew Roby was superb. Everyone we worked with has been wonderful. Each team member took pride in his work and became a part of our household. Thank you for making our renovation a great experience."

Glen Thomas

"I would like to commend Andrew Roby and its skilled professional staff on the wonderful remodel completed at the Knight Transportation, Charlotte service center. With our headquarters in Phoenix, AZ I needed a responsible, experienced, local construction professional to assist me and I was very fortunate to find Andrew Roby. The level of professionalism and communication was paramount. The project was thoroughly planned out and executed in a timely manner. read more

I am pleased to recommend Andrew Roby on any future construction projects."


Glen D. Thomas, Facilities Manager

Knight Transportation, Inc

Louise & Jim Bonner

"This letter is long overdue but nevertheless full of gratitude for all that you and your employees did to assist us in the early hours of May 11th and in the months that followed in bringing our house back to life after the tree crashed into our attic. read more

There is definitely merit in having a long standing relationship with a reputable business as we knew immediately who to call and were confident that Andrew Roby would give us the professional advice and excellent workmanship we have received from you for over 25 years.

We appreciate the prompt and thorough attention we received from you and your employees throughout the entire renovation process and are grateful for your skill and expertise. It is great to see so many Andrew Roby signs popping up all over town. We join all the others in proclaiming Andrew Roby as the best contractor in Charlotte!

Our sincere thanks and best wishes,

Louise and Jim Bonner"

Rob & Mary December 2011

"Thank you for all the hard work on the back patio and pool and for really going way above and beyond the call of duty. I know this is a tough job, but you do a great job keeping it all going. Thank you for your kindness, honesty, integrity and willingness to go the extra mile."

Ben Yarbrough

"Contractor follow up is an important reason to go with a good well established firm... I had this discussion this past weekend with another home renovator. They agreed. Support after the project is huge. Thank you. I think that is not understood by most first time major renovators..." read more

Thank you


Brooke & Steve Cornwell

"Many thanks to everyone at Andrew Roby General Contractor for the wonderful job recently completed at our home. From start to finish our job was handled with utmost care. read more

When we initially met to discuss our project they were very attentive to what we were looking for in a contractor, to our ideas on how we wanted our project managed and to the timeframe in which we wanted our project completed. This was our first experience with the Andrew Roby company, and they took time to discuss their company’s history and to explain their company’s goals for each construction project. We were immediately comfortable with the Andrew Roby company.

We signed on with Andrew Roby not solely based on money but in large part due to the quality of their people. They had already demonstrated to us a desire to please the customer and we felt this quality would continue throughout our project.

Our job was completed within two weeks of the date we had targeted almost nine months earlier. We could not have been more pleased with the final product and now we understand why the Andrew Roby company does so much repeat business.

If and when we have another home project, we would not hesitate to use Andrew Roby General Contractor again."

Cindy & Gary Yates

“Thank you so much for the pleasant experience. Your contractors and workers were efficient and meticulous."


“We are profoundly appreciative of your hard work. Every morning, we were greeted with optimistic attitudes and a willingness to assist in any way. We will have nothing but first-rate things to say about Andrew Roby."