Management Team

Andrew Roby's management team is a collaboration of our owners, project managers, and superintendents who work side by side to deliver superior value to our customers, employees, and the community.

Trent Haston

Chief Executive Officer - Roby Family of Companies

Ron Haston


Travis Haston

Chief Executive Officer - Andrew Roby

Chris Maynard

Director of Project Management & Sales

David McGuire

Chief Operating Officer - Andrew Roby

David Baird

Chief Financial Officer - Roby Family of Companies

Ryan Crosser

Vice President - Coastal Division

Will McKendry

Business Manager - RDU

Jeff Stanwick

Business Manager - Mountains

Brian Storm

Senior Project Manager

Skip Lyon

Field Superintendent

Bo Turner

Division Manager-VP - Roby Commercial

Scott Whittle

VP of Special Projects - Roby Commercial

Chris Chapman

Superintendent - Roby Commercial

Bruce Hinshaw

Superintendent - Roby Commercial